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My work skills

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UX Design

In developing company websites, I have conducted user research, identified user pain points, and improved UX design based on each of my findings.

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Product Design

Using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dimension, I have developed many product renderings displaying my personal graphic designs, typically for branding projects.

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Web Design

Working at companies like Amy Johnson Interiors, I assisted in developing websites by applying my knowledge of design fundamentals, coding, and general proficiency with technology.

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In each of my marketing experiences, I have used my research skills to identify and analyze trends, target audiences, and market competition.

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Brand Design

Using Adobe Creative Cloud and other software, I develop brand design through logo development, copywriting, typography, and color schemes.

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Video Editing

During my time as a journalist, I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit hours of video content into short clips for television livestreams.

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