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Write Track Publishing

Write Track Publishing
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About the project

The music industry can be a risky business, as artist popularity and success is constantly fluctuating. One moment you may have a huge hit, then the next you may lose complete recognition. Write Track Publishing would essentially be a music publishing company that would sign stable of songwriters to standard publishing deals, but 10-15% of the royalties paid to Write Track Publishing annually would be put into a pool for the benefit of songwriters who may be struggling or having an “off” year.

Generally speaking, the company steps up if one of their artists isn’t doing well with the financial support gained from this percentage. The main idea here is that this supportive company structure would show these artists that the company always has their back, no matter how inconsistent the industry may be. This would foster a great atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration in terms of songwriting.

Songwriters are the main focus of this company because they are often unfairly treated in the music industry. Thus, the dynamic of this company is designed to combat this issue and provide them with the appropriate attention and support.

Behind the name and logo

The Write Track Publishing name is a mix of three elements:

  • The word “write” in reference to the song writers
  • Write Track, like "you’re on the right track"
  • And track, like a music track

All three of these elements are portrayed within the logo. Write Track Publishing is displayed on top of a record to display the track element. A pencil points to the center, like a bullseye, because it is supposed to symbolize being "on the right track," and the concept of writing on a track. All three of these graphic elements combined illustrate the true meaning behind the name.

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