Product design and rebrand for Capri Sun

Capri Sun

Capri Sun
Product Renderings and Graphic Designs

About the project

Capri Sun is a well-established juice brand that is primarily bought for children. While it's a popular brand, it is not recognized as a healthy choice nor does it typically appeal to adults. As most of us drank Capri Suns as kids, it has this nostalgic element that makes it desirable in stores, even if it's not in its original packaging.

The main objective of this project is to expand Capri Sun's consumer audience to adults ages 21-35, rather than just kids. In order to accomplish this, Capri Sun would be rebranded into an alcoholic beverage company and stored in cans, rather than pouches. As Capri, Italy, is a desirable vacation spot for most adults, I want to highlight this aspect of the brand's name. Each of the flavors will be inspired by Italian aperatifs, such as bellini, limoncello, and aperol spritz. The new packaging takes on a lighter, more appealing feel with a sunset-inspired gradient, each with different color combinations depending on the flavor. This new line of drinks would also contain vitamins and a low sugar and calorie content, as there has been an increasing desire in adults to consume goods with a higher nutritional value. With this new design, you can now enjoy Capri Sun without feeling like it's just for kids.

Capri Sun: it gets better with age.

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